Educating product managers on how plastics affect your brand


The material you choose for your medical devices can have a big impact on your brand's image. In today's healthcare environment, not all plastics can withstand exposure to the aggressive disinfectants being used in hospitals. If your device is showing outward signs of suffering from exposure to effects of disinfection, including yellowing, cracking, crazing, or paint peeling, it's time to reconsider material selection.




  • 不含双酚A、卤素或邻苯二甲酸酯型增塑剂。
  • 其韧性和耐用性有助于延长产品寿命并减少浪费。
  • 所使用的阻燃添加剂不含锑、溴或氯。
  • 适用于需要接触皮肤的换能器外壳应用。

Secondary Operations: Adhesive Bonding

与溶剂会挥发不同,粘合层会作为一个功能性部分留在成品组件上。 Therefore, the characteristics of the adhesive layer play a key role in the performance and appearance of the finished part.
Consider these characteristics when selecting an adhesive:
  • Chemical compatibility with parts being joined
  • 成品接头的美观性
  • Expansion/contraction with temperature changes (NOTE: if expansion/contraction are a major concern, consider mechanical fasteners.)
  • 脆性,刚性,柔软性
  • 耐用性/使用寿命
  • 粘合强度(与塑料的粘合力)
  • 内聚强度(抗内撕裂)
  • 最终使用要求
Eastman Tritan copolyester offers outstanding chemical resistance and has been studied with many adhesives and different bonding procedures. 
Adhesive bonding procedures for Eastman Tritan copolyester     
When adhesive bonding parts made with Tritan, joining surfaces should:
  • Fit well without forcing
  • Have no visible gaps


二次成型软触材料的使用通常用于为刚性热塑性弹性体(TPE)增加功能性和装饰元素。Eastman Tritan共聚聚酯展现出与市售的TPE牌号之间具有优异的附着力。在选择使用的TPE牌号之前,请与TPE供应商或Eastman合作选择一种配方适合共聚聚酯基材的牌号,并设计您的零件以取得成功成果。


  • 优化零件厚度和TPE的厚度,确保附着力和尺寸稳定性。如果TPE的厚度超过Eastman Tritan共聚聚酯零件的厚度,则可能导致从模具中取出时产生翘曲。根据一般经验,建议基材厚度为TPE的两倍。
  • 可以结合机械互锁提高TPE的附着力,促进零件的耐用性。机械互锁对于较薄的TPE层或非常苛刻的适用性要求尤为重要。
  • 对于在多个表面上采用软触功能的设计,应采用流通式设计,以提高附着力和耐用性。
  • 为了最大限度降低剥离或脱层的可能性,TPE的边缘应低于刚性基材非二次注塑部分的高度或与之齐平。

Troubleshooting Focus: Flashing

Proper mold design provides a giant step toward reducing problems like flashing when injection molding with Eastman Tritan copolyester and other Eastman copolyesters. Collaborating with an Eastman technical service representative early in your project can help ensure you’re off on the right foot.

To help ensure continued molding success, this blog focuses on three different types of flashing problems, their possible causes, and corrective actions you can take for each.