Making the switch to Tritan™ MXF copolyester

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Working together to solve medical device challenges

Molders and brand owners come to us for many different reasons during the developmental journey of a medical device.
•  You may have a totally new device and want the best-fit polymer to optimize its performance advantages.
•  Your current material may not have the chemical resistance and toughness to meet changing hospital disinfectant protocols and more powerful drugs and carrier solvents.
•  Recent regulations may be driving the need for more compliant materials. 
Whatever the challenge, working with Eastman lets you access technical expertise and support every step of the way—to help position your device for end-state success.
By collaborating early and often during product development and manufacturing, we can help you work with product engineers, toolmakers, and downstream assembly partners to bring your project to market efficiently and profitably.  

Here are a few of the benefits of working together with Eastman:

电子束灭菌对Eastman Tritan™的影响


Overmolding with Tritan

Using overmolded soft-touch materials can provide many functional and decorative benefits to items made from rigid thermoplastics. Eastman Tritan copolyester demonstrates exceptional adhesion with commercial grades of TPE. When selecting the TPE you want to use, make sure it is formulated for use with a copolyester substrate.
Consider these factors for part design:                 
  • Optimize part and TPE thickness for adhesion and dimensional stability. If the TPE thickness is in excess of the Tritan part thickness, you could see warpage when you remove it from the mold. Use a substrate thickness twice that of the TPE.
  • Incorporate mechanical interlocks to improve TPE adhesion and promote part durability. Mechanical interlocks are important for thin TPE layers and very demanding fitness-for-use requirements.


Eastman Tritan™共聚聚酯的有效成型有哪些特征?在流程的早期审视设计的所有方面——从概念到二次加工——对于最终的成功至关重要。
  • 适当的浇口选择
  • 设计具有良好冷却/热控制的模具
  • 在设计模具时考虑排气计划

Eastman Tritan™共聚聚酯 - 对医疗器械的优越属性

Eastman Tritan™共聚聚酯提高了医疗器械和外壳的耐用性和可清洁性标准。不含BPA的Tritan属性包括卓越的透明度、韧性、改进的耐热性和耐化学性等。由于其相对于传统热塑性塑料具有独特的化学成分,因此也易于加工。与其他常用聚合物相比,这种加工和性能特性的组合提供了更大的优势。Tritan有透明和不透明两种配方可供选择,为增强创新设备设计提供了许多益处:
  • 更高的韧性、耐热性、加工性能和设计自由度


  • 了解故障发生的原因:大多数器械故障是由于对材料的属性、加工和环境如何协同工作的误解造成的。在许多情况下,故障可能是由错误的材料选择、较差的耐化学性、高应力设计或制造过程不一致造成的。
  • 与您的供应商合作: 与材料供应商在材料选择、测试、零件和模具设计审查以及二次加工方面开展合作可以让质量工程师获得他们可能不具备的知识和资源。



Eastman Tritan共聚聚酯可耐受多种医用液体,例如肿瘤药物、药物载体溶剂和脂质。除了其韧性、低残余应力和灭菌后的颜色稳定性外,Tritan还是流体管理组件的绝佳选择。

医疗市场的法规在不断变化。当面向OEM市场的一次性医疗器械的世界一流制造商Elcam Medical希望进一步提高其流体管理设备的安全性和有效性时,他们求助于Eastman,以寻找一种既符合新法规又能优化性能的聚合物。

We are putting final touches on plans for Tritan on Tour!

Join us for Tritan on Tour—an exclusive event showcasing how new materials and manufacturing processes can improve medical device performance.

Hear new information about simulating, molding, bonding, and welding Eastman
Tritan™ copolyester.

Gain key insights on the latest with Tritan material and case studies; learn about speed to market through design for manufacturing/design for reliability (DFM/DFR).

Observe a Tritan tool running at the press and on-site presentations/demos from Nexeo Solutions, Beaumont Technologies, Henkel and Dukane!

Plus, we'll begin the day with donuts and end with cocktails! Hope you can join in the fun!
Tritan on Tour—September 11
Advanced Molding Technologies
8700 Rendova Street NE
Circle Pines, MN 55014



管道连接器的全球设计标准现在正在帮助提高患者安全性和器械功效。 ISO 80369要求小口径连接器由半刚性和刚性材料制成,从而减少错误互连的可能性。肠内器械是第一个经历这种变化的临床应用。
为了达到这个标准,您可能需要调整您的设计,这意味着您可能需要一个新的模具或新的材料。Eastman Tritan共聚聚酯是一种刚性材料,具有符合这些规定所需的特性。