Improving medical device cleanability and durability

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Join Eastman at MD&M West 2020

Eastman is excited to exhibit at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West 2020! Join us February 11–13 in Anaheim, California, as we share exciting new innovations that are helping improve medical equipment and create positive health outcomes.
At MD&M West 2020, we'll be highlighting the latest advancements in medical technology and the collaborations that are key to success in the medical market. Don't miss out any of the fun:
  • Stop by booth 2301 to learn about four new products as part of the Eastman TritanMXF portfolio of medical polymers.
  • Attend our Lunch and Learn events to discover what industry experts are saying about the future of medical devices and packaging.
  • Register for one-on-one sessions with members of Eastman’s medical device and packaging teams.

An innovative solution to medical device housing failure

As healthcare facilities ramp up the use of aggressive disinfectants, traditional plastics are feeling the strain. It's all too common to see device housings become sticky; wear thin in high-touch areas; or crack, crumble, or shatter after only a few months of service. The issue? Devices that were designed just a few years ago are typically made with materials that lack the right combination of impact strength and chemical compatibility with today's stringent cleaning protocols.
Eastman Tritan copolyester is an excellent choice for medical housings due to its superior toughness and high chemical resistance. Using Tritan in your device can also help prevent costly repairs and replacements, keeping patients safe and customers happy.

Supporting a circular economy

Traditionally, the world operates in a linear economy-raw materials are used to make products, which are then used and disposed of as waste. A circular economy focuses on making the most of the world's resources by providing end-of-life solutions to reduce, reuse, and recycle products and materials that typically end up in landfills and waterways.
For manufacturers, there's a lot to consider when making the shift to circular processes or materials. Eastman has developed a unique platform of solutions focused on minimizing waste and maximizing value to support the evolution of the circular economy. Our portfolio of circular solutions includes:
Advanced circular recycling (ACR)

Check out the Tritan Mold It app!

Did you know you can find the same great information from on the Tritan Mold It mobile app? Download the app for your iOS device to have the latest expertise on Eastman Tritan copolyester right at your fingertips.
With this handy app, users can:
  • 计算干燥时间
  • 计算熔融逗留时间
  • 计算注塑量利用率
  • 下载数据表
  • 观看视频
  • Get advice from the Tritan experts
The app is an excellent resource for injection molders and designers to get the best results from Eastman Tritan copolyester. Its wealth of practical information can be useful for designing, molding, processing, and fabricating other engineering polymers—for consumer and medical products. The app’s “Quick Links” function also makes it easy to dive deeper into Tritan applications, successes, and the latest tips for molding Tritan. 

Which medical grade polymer is right for you?

We know that material choice is a crucial component of any medical device or device housing. When you're deciding what medical grade polymer you need for your next project, consider these criteria:
  • Does it make the grade?
  • Will it match the application?
Selecting the right medical grade polymers helps ensure your device complies with quality and biocompatibility standards-and that you have reliable support for regulatory approvals. Different polymers offer different combinations of strengths that help ensure performance in specific medical applications.



Eastman Tritan™共聚聚酯 - 对医疗器械的优越属性

Eastman Tritan™共聚聚酯提高了医疗器械和外壳的耐用性和可清洁性标准。不含BPA的Tritan属性包括卓越的透明度、韧性、改进的耐热性和耐化学性等。由于其相对于传统热塑性塑料具有独特的化学成分,因此也易于加工。与其他常用聚合物相比,这种加工和性能特性的组合提供了更大的优势。Tritan有透明和不透明两种配方可供选择,为增强创新设备设计提供了许多益处:
  • 更高的韧性、耐热性、加工性能和设计自由度






  • 了解故障发生的原因:大多数器械故障是由于对材料的属性、加工和环境如何协同工作的误解造成的。在许多情况下,故障可能是由错误的材料选择、较差的耐化学性、高应力设计或制造过程不一致造成的。
  • 与您的供应商合作: 与材料供应商在材料选择、测试、零件和模具设计审查以及二次加工方面开展合作可以让质量工程师获得他们可能不具备的知识和资源。