Troubleshooting Focus: Flowlines

Flowlines are wavy or rippling surface defects. They can appear as lines, streaks, or patterns, but are consistent with the material flow within the cavity of the mold. They occur when the molten plastic passes through the mold or gate and can have many causes and corrective actions.


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Troubleshooting focus: warped or distorted parts

Warping or distortion beyond specification can occur to parts as they are ejected from the mold or after packing and shipping. The final defects can look similar, but their causes are very different.

TMI TIP: Proper cooling is well worth the wait when processing copolyesters. Their relatively low flexural modulus gives them a greater ability to flex and rebound-and allowing the skin to freeze is the best way to ensure optimum results. For more information, watch the webinar 共聚聚酯加工解决方案。 

Early collaboration pays long-term rewards

You can increase the chances of success in injection molding projects with early involvement of all major stakeholders. The many rewards of early collaboration include:

  • Reduced product development time
  • Optimized part performance
  • Optimized cycle time
  • Lower scrap rate

Part design: Gate location



Gates are the belly buttons of the injection molding world-every molded part has one. The big difference is that molders can control the location of the gate. The location should be selected based on an evaluation of part aesthetic requirements, mechanical loading requirements, and fill pattern.

Proper cooling saves time, improves quality

With any polymer, poor and uneven cooling can result in:
• 周期时间延长
• 高残余应力
• 翘曲性更大
• 粘模和难以脱模

Considering the unique properties of Eastman Tritan copolyester, a few important guidelines will improve efficiency and part performance.