Overmolding for soft-touch designs

New self-bonding LSR technology created to optimize Eastman Tritan copolyesters

The medical industry has a great and growing demand for innovative soft-hard designs in devices, housings, and other equipment. A recent advance in liquid silicone rubber (LSR) technology makes it easier to satisfy this demand with medical grades of Eastman Tritan copolyester. 

The advantages of Tritan are well-known to readers of this blog. Medical grades of Tritan offer a unique combination of properties including:
      •  Outstanding resistance to medical disinfectants and solvents
      •  Excellent impact strength and durability
      •  Made without BPA and halogens
      •  Excellent clarity and color retention after sterilization by ethylene oxide (EtO),
         e-beam, and gamma irradiation

Polymer selection for durables applications

Selecting the best grade for food contact and non-food contact applications

Brand owners and design engineers continue to find new ways to use Eastman Tritan copolyesters in a wide range of food contact and non-food contact applications. 

Its unique combination of clarity, durability, hydrolytic stability, and heat and chemical resistance makes Tritan ideal for many applications, including:
Food contact applications
• 商用型食品器皿
• 运动水壶
• 小家电
• 婴儿护理
• 水过滤

Non-food contact applications
• 家电
• 娱乐与安全产品
• 光学应用
• 口腔护理
• 工具
• 模内装饰

Starting with your specific needs, Eastman can provide technical expertise and support to help determine the best grade of Tritan for your application.

Why specify medical grade polymers

Two words: confidence and compliance
Image of Tritan Medical Device

It is critical for designers of innovative medical devices and packaging to have access to high-performance medical grade materials.
To ensure patient safety and long-lasting reliability, manufacturers depend on medical grade material suppliers like Eastman—not only to provide advanced, high quality raw materials but also to have capabilities and systems that help comply with medical protocols and regulations. 

Manufacturers who specify medical grades of clear or opaque Eastman Tritan copolyester* know that Eastman will provide a high level of support throughout the regulatory journey to commercialization of a new product. Eastman’s world of experience helps ensure confidence and compliance in the areas of:
•  Biocompatibility—selected tests from the FDA-Modified ISO-10993, Part 1 “Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices”



Eastman理解,您在为下一个流体管理组件、血液接触设备或电子医疗设备外壳选择材料时,面临很高的风险。因此,当您考虑选择Eastman Tritan共聚聚酯时,我们希望帮助简化这一复杂过程,首先要着眼于以下两个标准:
• 达到标准。选择医用级聚合物有助于确保您的设备符合质量和生物相容性标准,并为法规认证提供可靠的支持。
• 匹配应用。每种医用等级的Tritan均提供所需强度的不同组合,有助于确保在特定医疗应用中的性能。

根据您的需求选择合适医用等级的 Eastman Tritan共聚聚酯

Many Medical hardware housing complaints. One new technology solution.

The increased use of aggressive cleaners, medical disinfectants, and disinfectant wipes is taking its toll on traditional plastics. Many handheld and bedside devices are becoming sticky, wearing thin in high-touch areas, or even cracking, crumbling, or shattering after only a few months of service.
The problem is that device housings that were designed just a few years ago are often made with materials that lack the right combination of impact strength and chemical resistance for today’s demanding medical environments.
In one of our most popular webinars, from November 15, 2016, we discussed the chemistry and stress behind these premature failures as well as how Eastman Tritan™ copolyester for medical housings is helping to prevent costly repairs and replacements. By replacing traditional housing materials with Tritan, you can improve patient safety and customer satisfaction.

Hot runner molding systems #2

Collaborate early to avoid false starts 
False starts are costly-especially when setting up a hot runner system. Making changes after a hot runner mold is released for building are difficult, extremely expensive, and can have lasting effects on system efficiency.

See how early collaboration improves hot runner success.

Early collaboration between Eastman and OEMs, part designers, tool designers, molders, and the hot runner supplier is one of the greatest benefits of molding with Eastman Tritan copolyester. This teamwork helps:
  • Reduce product development time
  • Ensure processing efficiency
  • Improve end-product quality

Food Industry and Chemical Resistance

Food for thought—compatibility with cleansers and  disinfectants used in the food industry
Chemical cleaning and disinfecting are critical steps to guarantee food products have safe, below threshold levels of microorganisms that can reduce product shelf life and cause foodborne illness if too high. 
Food contact parts are generally cleaned before disinfecting. This helps reduce microbial contamination but serves the more important purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the powerful disinfectant that follows.
Both sanitizing steps rely on chemicals that can crack and break plastic parts and even lead to their premature failure. Chemical attack also can cause surface etching that creates a favorable environment for microbe growth.
Testing demonstrates Eastman Tritan copolyester is significantly more compatible with cleansers and disinfectants than other polymers used in the food industry.  

In case you missed our small appliance acoustics webinar—it’s now available on demand.

Noise is a turn-off. Quiet is a value-add. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for small appliances that provide robust performance-and do it with less noise.

This 1-hour webinar shows where noise comes from and how a material change can help reduce it. 


Eastman开展研究以判断电子束辐射对Eastman Tritan共聚聚酯以及其他透明医用聚合物光学和物理特性的影响。
Formula Resin type
Eastman Tritan copolyester MX711 共聚聚酯
Eastar polyester MN052 polyester
Eastar copolyester MN211 共聚聚酯
Eastar copolyester MN006

点播网上讲座 - 流体管理系统的耐化学品性

• 连接器、旋塞阀和过滤组件对耐化学品性的需求
• 工程聚合物与药物、脂质和载体溶剂的相容性比较
• 如何在流体管理组件中使用Eastman Tritan共聚聚酯以提高患者安全