In case you missed our small appliance acoustics webinar—it’s now available on demand.

Noise is a turn-off. Quiet is a value-add. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for small appliances that provide robust performance-and do it with less noise.

This 1-hour webinar shows where noise comes from and how a material change can help reduce it. 
Reducing noise without reducing performance.
In our free webinar, Tritan experts discuss the source of noise in motorized small appliances, how to test the acoustic properties of materials, and how Eastman Tritan copolyester can help reduce noise and create more satisfied customers. 

Sound design with Tritan can add significant value to small appliances by:
•  Allowing more powerful motors
•  Increasing customer satisfaction
•  Receiving positive online reviews
•  Achieving product differentiation
•  Creating opportunities for higher margins
TMI TIP: For more information about the acoustic properties of Tritan, download this brochure.