Free — Tooling Surface Enhancement Poster

Every plastic processor is looking for that competitive edge in tooling. Now, you can access a unique set of game-changing information without looking any further than your shop wall. See how to order your free poster.

Poster size: 22”x32”, laminated


Order your free 22” x 32” laminated poster for at-a-glance access to: 

  • Popular tool surface enhancements (e.g., coatings, platings, surface hardening, impregnated polymers)
  • Application temperatures
  • Candidate substrates
  • Properties (e.g., hardness, coefficient of friction, temperature range, corrosion resistance)
  • Advertised advantages of each product
  • Supplier contact information

Collaborate with a Tritan expert early in your project to help improve mold efficiency.  

TMI TIP: Metal coatings infused with PTFE usually can be chemically stripped with minimal damage to the substrate. However, be aware of special process tips for aluminum molds or when certain coatings penetrate the substrate. Order your free poster to see these tips and more.