Hot runner molding systems #2

Collaborate early to avoid false starts 
False starts are costly-especially when setting up a hot runner system. Making changes after a hot runner mold is released for building are difficult, extremely expensive, and can have lasting effects on system efficiency.

See how early collaboration improves hot runner success.

Early collaboration between Eastman and OEMs, part designers, tool designers, molders, and the hot runner supplier is one of the greatest benefits of molding with Eastman Tritan copolyester. This teamwork helps:
  • Reduce product development time
  • Ensure processing efficiency
  • Improve end-product quality
Tritan is supported by Eastman Design Services 
Eastman works with Tritan customers to help ensure efficient processing and product performance are part of your polymer solution.
Eastman Design Services help you receive hot runner benefits by supplying expertise in: 
•  Knowledge of the molding and performance properties of Tritan
•  Injection mold tooling design reviews
• 模具填充模拟
•  Part design reviews
•  Stress analysis

Early collaboration helps you move forward.  
Early involvement of Eastman can help at critical steps in the project development flow—and help prevent false starts throughout the process. For more information about hot runners, download the Eastman Tritan copolyester Processing guide. Or talk with your Eastman technical service representative. 

In Part 3 of our hot runner series, we’ll focus on the importance of heat management when molding Tritan in a hot runner system.
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