Improving Medical Devices with Eastman MXF221 Copolyester

Eastman’s polymers are the key components used in many medical devices, and we’re constantly innovating our materials to help equipment achieve optimum performance and withstand the ever-changing demands of the health care industry.
Our latest offering, Eastman MXF221 copolyester, is a biocompatible, fully compounded medical grade polymer that is uniquely suited for medical devices and electronic device housings. Developed from Eastman Tritan copolyester, Eastman MXF221 copolyester offers superior chemical resistance to stringent disinfectants and drugs, improved durability, and greater longevity.
Eastman MXF221 copolyester provides many advantages for devices and brands, including:
  • Unsurpassed chemical resistance—Unlike polycarbonate or other polymers that lose their impact strength after contact with harsh disinfectants and chemicals, Eastman MXF221 copolyester can withstand many aggressive disinfectants without cracking, crazing, or hazing.
  • Durability and impact strength—Eastman MXF221 copolyester retains its impact strength after exposure to tough chemicals and harsh cleaners. In tests measuring notched Izod impact strength, Eastman MXF221 copolyester far outperforms competing polymers.
  • Ease of processing—Eastman MXF221 copolyester offers homogeneous pellet processing, which may result in better consistency and reduced scrap rates.  
  • Color consistency—Eastman MXF221 copolyester can be molded into both clear and opaque parts, creating more uniform translucence and color to comply with a brand’s color guidelines and palettes.
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