Part design: Gate location



Gates are the belly buttons of the injection molding world-every molded part has one. The big difference is that molders can control the location of the gate. The location should be selected based on an evaluation of part aesthetic requirements, mechanical loading requirements, and fill pattern.

Locating the gate for aesthetics and mechanical properties

  • The gate location on an injection molded part leaves a “witness” where the part is separated from the runner system.
  • This is considered an appearance defect and is typically hidden in an inconspicuous location on the part.  

  • Resin enters the molding cavity at high pressure and high temperatures at the gate location. 
  • 浇口区域的零件表面通常带有缺陷,在拉伸荷载或坠落试验中出现应力集中。
  • Gate locations typically exhibit inferior mechanical properties compared to the molded resin in the rest of the cavity. 
  • Gate locations should be located in areas of the part which are not subjected to externally applied high-tensile loading. 
If you have more questions about optimum gate location, talk with your Eastman technical service representative—and ask how to receive a free copy of our Injection Molding Troubleshooting Guide

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