Secondary Operations: Adhesive Bonding

与溶剂会挥发不同,粘合层会作为一个功能性部分留在成品组件上。 Therefore, the characteristics of the adhesive layer play a key role in the performance and appearance of the finished part.
Consider these characteristics when selecting an adhesive:
  • Chemical compatibility with parts being joined
  • 成品接头的美观性
  • Expansion/contraction with temperature changes (NOTE: if expansion/contraction are a major concern, consider mechanical fasteners.)
  • 脆性,刚性,柔软性
  • 耐用性/使用寿命
  • 粘合强度(与塑料的粘合力)
  • 内聚强度(抗内撕裂)
  • 最终使用要求
Eastman Tritan copolyester offers outstanding chemical resistance and has been studied with many adhesives and different bonding procedures. 
Adhesive bonding procedures for Eastman Tritan copolyester     
When adhesive bonding parts made with Tritan, joining surfaces should:
  • Fit well without forcing
  • Have no visible gaps
  • Be smooth but not polished:
    • Sand the surfaces you wish to bond with a 120-grit or finer paper.
    • 金刚石砂轮抛光机、企口刨床或其他器械都可以产生极好的效果。
    • Do not use soft-polishing wheels or flame polishing, as they can round the edges, creating gaps and improper fit.
Before selecting an adhesive system, conduct a careful evaluation of the part application to ensure the adhesive provides both acceptable performance (bond appearance and strength) and that it meets all applicable regulatory requirements. See inset box for several recommendations.
 NOTE: This list of recommended adhesive systems does not include all products have been used successfully with Tritan. For best performance, always follow the guidelines provided by the adhesive manufacturer.
Recommended adhesive systems for use with Tritan
  • Dymax adhesives for medical devices 
  • Henkel adhesives for medical devices 
  • Weld-On® 55*
  • Lord® adhesives 7542 A/B*
  • Flex Welder 14345*
  • Lord adhesives 403/19*
  • Lord adhesives 406/19*
  • Lord adhesives 406/17*
  • Plastic Welder® II 14340*
*Tested according to ASTM D1002

For details about bonding Tritan to itself and to other materials, contact your Eastman technical representative. For more information about adhesive bonding as well as tips for decorating, painting, overmolding, and other tips, download a free copy of the Secondary operations guide
TMI TIP: Adhesives that contain a volatile component may shrink while curing.为了补偿收缩,可将接合处切割成一定的角度,从而可以留出一定空隙,以在接合处稍微多加一些粘合剂。请参考您的粘合剂供应商资料,了解有关收缩的具体信息。