Why should you choose Eastman medical grade polymers?

You want to create medical devices and packaging that ensure patient safety and provide long-lasting reliability. To accomplish that, you have to choose high performance medical grade materials. Manufacturers who specify medical grades of Eastman Tritan copolyester not only get access to advanced, high-quality raw materials but also to a strong level of support throughout the regulatory journey to commercialization of a new product.
By specifying Eastman medical grade polymers, you get help with:
  • Biocompatibility
  • Sterilization
  • Quality systems
  • Dedicated regulatory support
  • Regulatory statements and product regulatory information sheets
  • FDA Drug Master Files
  • Quality systems and cGMP
  • Application development and technical services
  • Educational webinars and customized lunch and learn sessions
  • Design recommendations
  • Material FFU criteria and specific performance testing
  • Competitive materials analysis or ID
  • Physical property testing
  • Aging and sterilization studies
Eastman has long history as reliable global supplier of raw materials. We provide not only leadership in innovation and business continuity but also regulatory support and processes that help customers take products to market with greater efficiency and confidence. For more information on the support services we provide, contact an Eastman customer service representative.