I recently discovered Tritan and it seems to be perfect for my application. We were granted a Patent last November for a "Beverage preservation device". We had planned on manufacturing in acrylic. I watched a show on the Science Channel that profiled Blendtec blenders. Watching them pull those fully formed jugs out of the machine lit the light bulb that is always hovering over my head. So far my drawings have all been in 2D CAD, but I'm in the process of mastering Rhino 5 so that I can model it in 3D. Injection molding is new to me, but I already love it. Frankly, I need help and contacts. Our intent is to obtain pricing to produce a quantity suitable to present to a CF site. If it takes off, and it will, as it's for Growlers and wine bottles. :>) We will use the CF buzz to build and take off. More info available. if I've piqued your interest, let's talk. Just some quick notes. I'm a P.E., this is my second Patent, third is pending and I'm old enough to get to the front of the USPTO line. Thanks for 'listening'.


Thank you for reaching out to us. Where are you located? If we know your location, we can get you in touch with the right person who will be able to help you.